Thursday, May 15, 2008


Seems this ad I wrote about briefly isn't very widely spread. Maybe CC thinks most people don't know what "metrosexual" means?

Anyway, the people I've asked haven't seen it, including Mark Simpson, "The (Absent) Father of the Metrosexual," though I gather that's because the ad wasn't run in the UK?

You'll remember Mr. Simpson as the author of my favorite and funniest ST analysis ever, about Kirk's intergalactic manhood.

He just worked his magic on this ad:
"Your Dad Wasn't a Metrosexual: But His Best Buddy Was".


ddip said...

I've seen this ad all over downtown, actually, so maybe it's targeting a specific downtown demographic. I'm gonna read Mark Simpson's take immediately!

bink said...

Could they have picked a gay-er looking bunch of gays to represent our "dads"? I mean really...the guy in the hat with the strange stance (what was he up to last night?) looks awfully limp wristed. The pretty boy in the boat looks class gay model. And the guy in front is a twin to "Kiwi" --a gay friend--so I can't help but read him as gay.

So I think what CC club is trying to say, is that while your dad was not a metrosexual, he was gay.

The two guys with the white boy 'fros look like a gay couple, or if not, every bit as metrosexual as the times allowed. Same with the guy in the plaid jacket...I mean he thought he was hot and worked at it.

I think CC club art director was out to subvert this ad campaign with all these gay photos. "You go, girlfriend!"

fresca said...

Yes, of course you're right Bink--and who would even know what "metrosexual" means except this crew.
Last night I was walking around the lake and saw a true non-metrosexual in a fishing boat, and no one would use this guy to sell anything, even Bud. Not a pretty sight.

momo said...

I clicked on your link to Mark Simpson's post and had my first belly laugh of the day! thanks.

fresca said...

He's a treat.