Saturday, March 15, 2008

Anti-War Rally, March 15, 2008, II

The kid who made this sign gets my vote for Best Idea Ever.

The marchers stream into Loring Park, on a not-very-nice Saturday afternoon.

Stef!!! We used to run into each other at anti-nuke marches in this same park twenty years ago.
After five years of war, I sense the public is tired of the topic. A lot of the participants today seem like Old Lefties and Church folk, who tend to be in it for the long haul. And young people, who are just getting started!

One of my favorite institutions in town: Cops on Bikes.

I started out up on the bridge, connecting Loring Park to the Walker Art Center Sculpture Garden, so I could get a good view. I learned this trick in 1977, from Sara Hummel: Always walk at the front of the march, she said, so at the end you can turn around and have the pleasure of seeing everyone else arrive. Like Emma Goldman, Sara also always carried something to read.

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