Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How to Make a Book (my new blog)

I was going to publish all the instructions for Guerrilla Bookmaking: How to Make a Book With Stuff You Already Have on this blog, but I realized that would create continuity problems as well as clogging up Gugeo.
So I started a new blog:
How to Make a Book: Guerrilla Bookmaking.


This is the first set of instructions, in case you're curious:

I handwrote the steps of binding a book, in keeping with the "at the kitchen table" feel of the project, but I will also type out instructions, below the photos--and I'll amplify the steps--so you can print them out.
Keep a copy at hand, and refer to the photos as you teach yourself to make a book.


Matt_J said...

Did you make a book-- please post picture??
I like the idea that after the CGS (Google 'primate brow flash, cgs'), people will be making books using your guide for the post-apocalypse. I wonder what they will say?

fresca said...

Hi, Matt!
I am in the process of finishing the first book today and will post a photo of it when it's done.

I'm also posting complete instructions and photos on the blog I set up for it: How to Make a Book:
howtomakeabook.blogspot.com (on my list of links).

We all better learn how to make books and stuff (or at least print out the instructions) before the CGS, because we won't be able to access online instructions after, eh?

fresca said...

P.S. Can I hotlink from the comments? Let's try: Primate Brow Flash on the Coming Global Shitstorm.