Monday, December 4, 2023

Xmas Camp, and Rearranging...

UPDATE: The opening of Christmas Camp under the Boston fern was deemed waaay more important than rearranging the apartment. 
Campers are starting to arrive!
They’re all going to need warmer clothes…


Definitely I need & want to spend more of my energy on life OUTSIDE of work. Yesterday I tore apart half my apartment to move one of my bookshelves. And now I must put it all back together again.

Am I dawdling?
I am not.
(I am.)

These pictures don't capture how messy it is!
in its new place, the massive Boston fern now has its own spot in the corner where the bookcase was. A Christmas tree skirt will go around its base, and the girlettes will set up Xmas Camp there!

BELOW: I'm putting the bookshelf (plus bins of art & sewing supplies) along my bed-room wall.
It's the one wall shared--naked--with the neighboring apartment. (Kitchen and bathroom cupboards line the other shared walls.)

My neighbor is very quiet, and so am I, but with my bed against the wall--the most logical space for it--I'd always felt aware that someone was sleeping on the other side of the wall,
so I'm finally putting non-bed furniture against that wall, and moving my bed to the floor...

When you tear your place up, it's not a matter of putting everything back the way it was, right? It's a chance, if you want, to look at every single thing and think, Do I want this? And, Where is the best place for this?
I am doing that.
No rush--as long as it's done in two weeks, before some old friends are coming over for holiday ginger cake (ginger cake!).


Anonymous said...

i'm in the midst of re-arranging also! and once you realize the shared wall, you can't unhear it!

holiday ginger cake recipe, please!

i made christmas cranberry cake on saturday. a lovely treat for this time of year.


Steve Reed said...

I had my bed on the floor when I lived in New York and I always liked it. Dave would never stand for it, though!

Anonymous said...

ps xmas camp sounds like so much fun. we need one for adults.

my bed is on the floor right now also. i threw out that metal frame over 8 years ago as i was tired of putting it together and putting back together every time i moved!!! besides underneath just became a storage place of stuff i always forgot about.

i recently turned my bed to be perpendicular to and up against the window. it so opened up my bedroom.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations ! on still being able to get in and out of a bed on the floor! You rock!


gz said...

I so want to turn everything around here!! Well done. It looks good

Linda Sue said...

Bed on the floor has advantages, monsters or vermin under the bed, don’t stand a chance. But no chance of hiding under the bed either… protection from falling stars, you know… so it’s a toss up.good for the Girlettes
Setting a Christmas camp mood. Ginger cake and disarray , let the wild rumpus begin!

Fresca said...

KIRSTEN: I will post the ginger cake recipe. I might put my bed by the window I’d spring—the wall is cold now!

STEVE: why doesn’t Dave like the bed on the floor?

CHRIS: well, I am only as old as Obama and I imagine he can get up and down off the floor.
On the other hand, I’m also as old as Princess Di…

GZ: it’s being a lot of work, but satisfying.

LINDA SUE: I like the idea of being killed by a falling star!
Girlettes say they will melt with me! Happy ending 😄