Tuesday, October 3, 2023

“I called myself up…”

I just discovered this poem which made me laugh I love it so much. 

Nuptial Song”

Susana Thénon, Argentine, 1935 – 1991

i got married
i got married to myself
i said yes
a yes that took years to arrive
years of unspeakable suffering
crying with the rain
locking myself up in my room
because i—the great love of my existence—
was not calling myself up
was not writing to myself
was not visiting myself
and sometimes
when i dared call myself
to say: hello, am i OK?
I would deny myself

i even managed to write my name in a list of bores
i did not really want to join
because they babbled too much
because they’d not leave me alone
because they’d fence me in
because i could not stand them

at the end I did not even pretend
when I needed myself

i intimated to myself
that i was fed up

and once i stopped calling myself
and stopped calling myself

and so much time went by that I missed myself
so i said
how long has it been since my last call?
must have been ages
and i called myself up and i answered and could not believe it
because even if it seems incredible
i had not healed
i had only shed blood

then i told myself: hello, is it me?
it’s me, i told myself, and added:
such a long time no see
me from myself myself from me

do i want to come home?

yes, i said

and we got together again

i felt good together with myself
just like me
i felt good together with myself
and so
from one day to the next
i got married and i got married
and am together
and not even death can separate me

Translation by Renata Treitel


Linda Sue said...

Perfect poem, excellent find. Orphans planning a wedding or four in the cemetery next week, thank you.

Fresca said...

LINDA SUE: it’s a little like you with you in London! You live there together with you.
…AND ORPHANS 😘 of course who I am eager to see in the graveyard

gz said...

A good poem.

How many are not happy with themselves?

Fresca said...

GZ: right? Sadly too many people are not happy with themselves I’d say. Maybe they (we) should call ourselves up after all this time and invite ourselves home!

gz said...