Friday, June 2, 2023

Not Sorry Thrift

Isn’t this book cover wild? Compulsion is based on the Leopold and Loeb murder (as is Hitchcock’s Rope), but the cover seems to suggest the horror is homosexuality (hand holding!).

BELOW: And another cover—I tore this off a New Yorker and put it up at work. My coworkers nodded when I showed them. (Substitute the thrift store for the garbage truck… though we are sometimes just a temporary stop—this week our truck had to make a run to the dump, full of unsalable furniture (broken, reeking of cat, stained, torn). 

Some things survive. BELOW: the side of this little box says,  “Eat Yeast Foam for Health”. Ass’t Man claimed this box before I could. After our fight last week, we both made peace offerings of thrift—“didn’t your wife want this book?” I said, offering him Michelle Obama’s Becoming (we haven’t got her new one yet).

“I know you like Dansk, do you want these?”—offering me four Dansk individual baking dishes. I didn’t really want them but accepted them for the bridge they were. We’re like a pair of bower birds doing mutual courting. Our problems remain but work is nicer if we get along. And we genuinely share a love of cool old stuff.

I’d mentioned John the Baptist here yesterday, and then at work I found this postcard in a book about him--Caravaggio’s “Beheading of the Baptist”. Lotta disturbing stuff going on here…

Staff meeting this morning—I texted Emmler this “life hack for work meetings” below.  She looks and acts fierce but like so many young women she apologizes when there’s no need. It’s the other side of the coin from Ass’t Man blaming others.

When I was little, I was baffled by the saying The buck stops here. Why would you want to shoulder responsibility I wondered. 
Now of course I get it. It’s one of the gifts of age, that understanding. It’s like—don’t order crap from Amazon that you’re going to pass along or throw out later. (What if everyone had to own—literally—everything we’ve ever bought?)
As a pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago said to me, “You can have whatever you want. But you have to carry it.”
I’m carrying my sonnet writing materials this morning. 😉


  1. The thrift stores up here have finally become discriminating about donations- taking stuff to the dump is expensive so donations are vetted at the door. Sometimes trashy sofas and furniture are found at the side of the road for the city to deal with.
    When Erik was little we had a fabulous toy store in town. Everytime we went , if Erik liked something- wanted it- I told him to carry it around until, by the time we got to the register, he did not want it anymore. As a consequence he is not an impulsive shopper. We did a lot of shopping at thrift stores for clothing- so he is not a fashion plate either. Good lessons in this land of plenty,plus if we got the urge to hunt and gather we went to the shore where bits of washed up this and that could be toted back home, played with and returned to the sea.
    I still order from amazon , I still put gas in my car, I still buy plastic...I still buy in...Erik does not.

  2. I had no idea you'd walked the Camino de Santiago but I am not surprised. I have always been fascinated by the pilgrims who do.

  3. LINDA SUE: we do TRY to turn crap away but our dysfunctional or nonexistent SOPs hamper us… 🙄
    Haha brilliant parenting—
    “Carry this while we shop”.
    I don’t really judge myself and others that harshly (it might seem like it!)—this is the world we live in—I order from Amazon sometimes myself.
    Though less and less, with what I see at work.

    MS MOON: I’m glad to hear that you didn’t realize I’d walked Camino—I used to feel I mentioned it tooo much—I must have slowed