Friday, February 24, 2023

Yeah, no… No, yeah!

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Hey, darlings,

I’m experimenting with taking a retreat from social media for Lent—a time for reflection and clarification—moving away from things that clutter and obfuscate. 

(Giving up candy is to Lent as Santa Claus is to Xmas—for the children. (Not sure the candy idea is good teaching, actually—equating the practice of liberation and compassion with punishment…? Yeah, no.).)

I’d love to talk on email though, about Lent or other things. The weather is a super interesting topic.  Really!

frescadp at the big g, ya know.

Ciao! Love ya’llx!  (The queerifying  ‘x’ was Ms Moon’s [sarcastic] suggestion, which I rejected at first, but then I thought—no, yeah!)


Ms. Moon said...

Oops! Nope, wasn't me that put an "x" after y'all. Y'all is nonbinary on its own, also plural. The only time I'd put anything after y'all is to show a possessive.
"Does y'all's house have a pool?"

Anonymous said...

FRESCA here.
MS MOON: You suggested “y’allx”’ in a comment here, a few posts back, re “folx”.
You were being sarcastic, but when I said it out loud, it sounded fun!

Ms. Moon said...

I am loosing my mind. I swear I am.

gz said...

Have a good blog the small jumper, that is well knitted! X