Sunday, February 5, 2023

GPT's recs for docs about AIs

 I was asking ChatGPT [] about how it works compared to a human brain. I thought I'd understand better with pictures to accompany the explanation, so I asked for recs. The AI replied:

There are several documentaries and educational videos that you can watch to learn about artificial neural networks (ANNs) and how they work. Some popular ones are:


Linda Sue said...

Guess we know who the "meek" are now...they will inherit the earth and welcome to it as it will be uninhabitable for us, soft squishy humans. Glad i am as old as can be and will soon depart before AI tries to make love to me!

Linda Sue said...

By the way, thanks for the link- Excellent watch and fucking terrifying.

Anonymous said...

FRESCA here: yes, chat bots writing our homework may be the least of our worries… The doc is from 2018–five years old already—we are five years of development later.