Tuesday, June 28, 2022


 Happy hour $6 Chardonnay at the Spanish tapas place one block from my new apartment: 

I signed the lease, paid security deposit and July rent, and received the keys. 

A coworker and Sister are each taking a load of my stuff over in their big vehicles (SUVs?) on Friday—that should be most of it.

Asst Man will kindly move any big items that don’t fit in their SUVs in his pickup truck on the weekend.



Anonymous said...

You look so happy and relaxed!

The tapas place could be dangerous -- within walking distance.


ps I can't believe you have lived in the current place for 3 years!

Linda Sue said...

YIPPEE! So exciting! We are pleased, very much. Orphans rolling around in glee.

The Crow said...

Congratulations and best wishes on you new adventure!

Fresca said...

KIRSTEN: THe tapas are sooooo good too! Alas, they are expensive--even at Happy Hour a little plate is $9. I will have to learn to make them myself in MY OWN KITCHEN. (OMG, I am so relieved to have my own cooking place again.)

LINDA SUE: My Orphans too! "We're going to live in a Superette!"

CROW: Hello, old friend! How the heck are ya? I miss you--thanks for dropping in.

gz said...