Saturday, January 12, 2019

Hand Mobility Exercises

The Crow asked: here are the exercises my hand therapist gave me to strengthen my overworked hands. (I don't have carpal tunnel.)
For me, she recommended doing them 10 times each, 3 times a day.

KEY: "They should be done slowly and deliberately," and only to the point where they are comfortable. 
Don't force your fingers into a fist, or force your wrist to bend!

You can see them more clearly here (where I screencapped this):


gz said...

Good much that we do involves contracting, little does stretching

The Crow said...

Thank you, Fresca! I was telling Kareema about these last night when she started doing the extreme stretching of her fingers, so she'll be happy to receive this.

ArtSparker said...

Ideally, everything should be done slowly and deliberately, ie, being present. Sigh.

Fresca said...

GZ: That's certainly true for me--especially at work, it's all about contracting. The O.T. also suggested I take breaks at work! Radical idea. (I usually don't.)

CROW: I hope Kareema can get some help from hand exercises--there are ones online that are specifically for carpal tunnel, if that's her issue.

SPARKER: Yes. I love how advice about doing practical physical things often applies to everything nonphysical too.

"Calm down, Fresca!"