Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Red, White, & Blue

AH, it's nice and quiet, coming over here. I've been on Facebook for work---and even with only 51 friends ("only";  "friends"), it's hopping. 
I remember why it's so sticky:
INSTANT RESPONSES, pretty much every time.

Very rewarding to us lab rats who like to push the lever to get our treats.

But not to be cynical---if I can keep FB to a dull background roar, it'll be fine. And since my work involves lots of people and things––physically present ones––that's more possible than when I was writing freelance, on the computer all the time.

We shall see. I do post on my timeline (you can friend me!), but I'm mostly focusing on the store's page:

Years ago I used FB to try to convey things about me. Naturally, with what we indisputably know about FB now, I don't even bother.

Anyway, FB-ing is a fun way for me to look at the store--I wander around thinking, What can I photograph?

Yesterday I took lots of pictures of clothes in red, white, and blue, for our half-off Independence Day sale. I'm not interested in clothes, but the textures and colors!
I posted this strip of three.

But have plenty others...

Now must get ready for work. 

First thing, mailing off another eBay sale---this set of "wide-eyed moppets" prints,
 from 1965 >

The buyer told me they'd had this set as a child.


deanna said...

Nice, patriotic clothing! The moppets are really cool, though. They make me think of anime characters, which, my children have taught me, were inspired by American cartoons. And probably moppets!

Frex said...

Huh, I never thought of the roots of anime being Western, but looking it up, I read:

"Japanese anime style was inspired by classical American theatrical animation of the 1930s and 1940s: for example, the big eyes of anime characters were taken straight from Bambi, or the old Fleischer shorts, such as Betty Boop. "

Betty Boop! Of course!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting about anime. I think I have that set of the moppets or some similar to that set somewhere!

I was wondering if Miscka sold yet. I would love to buy it! I'm not on Facebook so was unable to message about it.


Frex said...

KIRSTEN: Oh, sorry I didn't see this comment until now!
Blogger no longer emails comments to bloggers---VERY annoying, so I jave to go into my Stats to check if there are any old ones. Anyway, you'll see I replied elsewhere Mish(k)a is still available--$5 + shipping, if you want him.