Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Red Hair Girl is an Aries.

I'd mentioned that Penny Cooper is a Gemini (communicative & correct). Her sense of humor, for instance, is often about playing with words.
Red Hair Girl has a lot of Aries in her. While Penny Cooper likes to write things down with a pencil, and is currently teaching herself how to multiply and divide, RHG's idea of fun is more rough and tumble. She's a scrapper.

The first thing she did when she met this action figure Carnage (from Spider-Man) in the break room at my work was to fight with him.
From my FB Report:

 Not that she's not a storyteller:


Michael Leddy said...

That window sill looks like such a neat place for them to hang out and chat.

Frex said...

Yes, and no hot nights they like to sleep there too. They have little pillows for their little heads. :)

Bink said...

I love how brave she is!