Tuesday, July 10, 2018


I have also started an Instagram account for myself.

I couldn't before because you have to have a phone to post pictures, which I didn't until a couple weeks ago.
It's the best place to share #toyPhotography––
there's a ton of it on IG. Much of it is technically v. impressive--modern phones allow you to Get It Right!

The thing that makes a picture special isn't just (or even primarily) the technology, though. Now we're all at this higher level, that quickly becomes the norm. (To be fair, some is waaaay beyond that, and is absolutely impressive in its own right--technique matters!)

The thing that shines out, as always, is ... what do you call it?
It's that thing where you feel the tendril of another human's brain reaching out and tapping you ever so gently on your shoulder,


I've started to "favorite" the photos that tap my shoulder like that.
Here's a favorite--just a simple no-special-effects snap, by vinsaintte:
It's captioned "Lullaby for my crocodile", but this simple scene could be read in several ways.
(That's another hallmark of creativity, eh? It's not just one thing.)

I first saw it as the crocodile being gift-wrapped, like a bouquet of flowers. Then I thought, Oh, it could be wrapped like fish-and-chips, for eating! It could even be a pieta, though the crocodile should really be belly-up for that. (Still, it occurred to me...)

I don't AIM for anything with my toy photography--I didn't even realize for a long time I was doing "toy photography" (and speaking in prose too!). I almost feel like a documentarian-- recording the dolls, who are doing their own thing.

Of course I know I am doing it, but it feels like they are free agents. 
Anyway,  I want to post all my IG pictures here too, because this blog is my home port. I think I'm mostly caught up.

Here's from yesterday:

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