Friday, June 22, 2018

Reds Dive into Summer

The Orphan Reds and I went visiting yesterday (my day off books).

First we went to Julia's, where they were given a bike!

Then we biked over to visit Marz at her new apartment. Marz wasn't home, but Red Hair Girl insisted she would wait and surprise her. 

RHG is a good climber (as was discovered at the Grand Canyon). She made her own way into Marz's mailbox.
(I am beginning to suspect the Orphan Reds are like cats and like to get into boxes.)

I felt a little separation anxiety as I biked away. What if something happened to Red Hair Girl? What if a strange neighbor found and took her?*

And she is a doll––even, I have to admit, a replaceable doll.
How unbelievably cruel and unusual it is to take someone's flesh-and-blood child away. It concerns me deeply that U.S. staff members––my fellow citizens––were/are willing to obey orders to do so.

*Marz called last night to say she saw the sign of Red Hair Girl immediately when she got home and that RHG is happy hanging out on top of the fridge with old friends.

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Bink said...

Sweet! And love the new bike.