Saturday, June 2, 2018

Lady of Shalott, Day Of

Sister puts finishing touches on the Lady of Shalott (Penny Cooper) and her boat, at my place.

To the lake we go. Sister, dressed for wading in the mucky waters, rakes away some algae.

Down we go...

 ...and, much to my delight, the Lady circumnavigates her doom on the way to Camelot and arrives safely at Monet's Giverny instead.

Trust Penny Cooper, the least Victorian of the dolls, to pull that off.

Penny Cooper Triumphant 


Me & the Reds at the end of the shoot.

Other toy re-creations of art: "toy tableaux".


Anonymous said...

NANCY says: You have just gotten an A +on one of my Victorian Art and Lit course assignments! This year I had some excellent artworks responding to texts and images we studied. This Waterhouse was one of our class "focus images." You even included the candles!!!
Serious whimsy like many of your family projects. Just wow. So impressed.

box said...

these are amazing! Penny Cooper's competence knows no bounds

The Crow said...

You have found your calling, I think; creating delight in the hearts of friends and followers alike with you wonderful projects. Thank you for brightening my morning!

Michael Leddy said...

What a great example of making your own fun. (And sharing it with your readers.)

Fresca said...

Thanks, all! It was "serious whimsy" and plain old fun, and I'm very glad if it spreads joy.

deanna said...

How delightful!!