Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Seafoam & Chrome

If this vintage architectural soap dish doesn't sell on the thrift store's ebay, I might just have to keep it. 
I couldn't find a similar one online and have never seen one like it, have you?

It's like the seafoam domesticity of the 1930s' "Doing the Doll's Laundry" by Jessie Wilcox meets the chrome world of the 1960s' St. Louis Gateway Arch by Eero Saarinen.


Anonymous said...

Actually quite stunning in looks. So much nicer than some of the ones sold today. I wonder if the flat part is bakelite.

Me, I wouldn't use it for soap but rather as an interesting holder on a dresser. Sewing stuff perhaps? Except for pins going through the slit.


Frex said...

KIRSTEN: It's too pliable for bakelite, I believe--but it does have that lovely look. It's not modern plastic, anyway...

Good idea to use it as a dish! --Fresca