Monday, June 11, 2018

Alternate Book Storage

Something about my new job--I think it's the way I'm using a baby-buggy as my book wagon--prompted my sister to remind me that our sister-in-law had once asked her husband, our brother,

“Why is your mother’s bathtub filled with books?” 

I would like to embroider this quote.

My mother lived in a very small apartment. A couple/few years before she died, she took to using the tub as a book repository.
She bathed in/from the sink. . .  tenement style, you could say.

This S-I-L, who had a slight Valley Girl accent, once also expressed the opinion that "Thomas Jefferson is sooooo dead."

S-I-L & Brother are not in my life, but I hear from my sister that they are very happy together--a good example of how you don't have to see eye to eye to have a happy marriage, since I can well imagine my brother considering all furniture as possible book storage space and wearing a T-shirt that read THOMAS JEFFERSON LIVES.


Anonymous said...

Your SIL's comment is an interesting one. I know of an artist whose oven is filled with beads as she needed the storage place.

My SIL asked me yesterday "why was I wearing a headband?"

Bravo to your mother for her freedom of thought.


Fresca said...

Here's to freedom of thought!