Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Penny Cooper, Friend of Bears

That Penny Cooper. She's all about the bears. 

Who's this she's never met before?

I'd gotten a lace collar at the thrift store, thinking she'd like to dress up as Ruth Bader Ginsburg (because she's kind of tidy minded like that), but soon after meeting, she persuaded Tiny Yellowstone Bear to dress up instead.

Is it comfortable?

Yes. That's a good look alright.

I'd mentioned that toy photography invites me to see my city differently, from new angles, at 8 inches off the ground---and that includes my own apartment. It's become the Domain of Toys. So much going on in a small space!

P.S. Those are boxing gloves on Red Hair Girl's hands. Long story.


Bink said...

LOVE how much the bear looks like RBG!

Fresca said...

I agree--the lace collar did the trick!