Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Rescue

The Orphan Reds and I are house sitting. From how heavily armed the residents are (well, one), we gather it is a dangerous land. *

Sure enough, Red Hair Girl soon sees signs of a struggle. 

“It's humiliating to be dependent,
but it's still a poorer pass to have no one to depend on.”
The Day of the Triffids [PDF of whole book], by John Wyndham

* We are at bink's. The doll Red Hair Girl rescued (from . . . was it a triffid?) is Daryl Dixon, from The Walking Dead.


Bink said...

Darryl wants to be in more adventures...even if he has to run such dangerous risks to participate.

Fresca said...

OK! He was a very good sport, he can definitely come out and play again