Saturday, May 26, 2018

I just dropped the air-conditioner out my 2nd-story window.

I feel like NASA, dropping space junk from the sky.
Luckily the a/c unit fell harmlessly into the neighbor's yard. I mean, humans suffered no harm---the unit is squashed.

Not luckily, today we are going to reach body temperature (96ºF
/ 35.5ºC):


Michael Leddy said...

Yikes. So fortunate that no one was in its path. I hope you can get some cooling soon. (88 here, feeling like 92.)

Fresca said...

Yes luckily L&M were coming by with the car later with stuff to drop off at the thrift store, so they took me to K-Mart for a new a/c too. Whew.
It's almost 100º...