Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day! from me and the Orphan Reds


Bink said...


Marz said...

Amazing how easy it is to tell them apart

Fresca said...

Thanks, bink. Even our crabby friend John S. said they were cute. (I was floored.)

MARZ: Thanks for seeing that. They even have different strides!

Jeff Stvan said...

Not to be to Kurt about it, but I can't help thinking Threepenny Opera. ;)

Jeff Stvan said...

*too Kurt

Fresca said...

JEFF: Ha-ha-ha! Thanks for commenting.
Three pennies, yes.
(In truth though, that play is too grown-up for the dolls---they are lawless, true, but only in the way of seven or eight year olds.)

It's a shame Google is letting Blogger languish, with no improvements such as letting commenters edit their published comments... But I knew you meant "too".