Thursday, May 17, 2018

"Exit, pursued by a sehlat."

The story so far.
Dr. McCoy has long thought Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk to be dead. McCoy last saw his shipmates on a planet of violent storms. From a sheltering cave, he witnessed Spock, in a futile attempt to pull the captain to safety, sucked into the abyss and Kirk ripped to pieces by the wind.  
McCoy escaped on a rescue ship.

Years later, still mourning his friends, McCoy returned to the planet as part of an expeditionary force and discovered Spock had survived, minus a left arm and leg and the tip of his nose.

Without Kirk to spark jealousy between them, Spock and McCoy get along well. The two friends decide to leave Starfleet and join a traveling theater troupe in space.

Here they perform Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale, with a Vulcan bear-like animal called a sehlat.

Act III, Scene 3: Exit, pursued by a bear.

Note: Sehlats have fangs, famously [see episode "Journey to Babel"]. This one was de-fanged and kept as part of a space zoo before the theater troupe rescued it. It is very happy in its new life as an actor and can play all sorts of animals.

P.S. The damaged Spock belongs to Marz, who told me how he came to be injured.


ArtSparker said...

Whoops yeah exit. Speed implied by McCoy's flying draperies.

Fresca said...

Spock can't run very fast because of his stick prosthesis. He more like pole-vaults...

Bink said...

So fun! You did a great job setting the stage (so to speak)! Your toy photography is getting more and more interesting and complex/layered. Love seeing how the toys’lives are unfolding.

Fresca said...

Thanks, bink!
Yes, they have to set the stage for every performance, since they are often playing in places that have no theater.

I like seeing how the toys' lives are unfolding too--it's often a surprise to me!

Marz said...

AU at its best

Fresca said...

MARZ: In fact, I think it is the RM: the Real McCoy!