Saturday, May 26, 2018

Bear Parts

Penny Cooper has been given a gift. I think she's a Gemini*, so her birthday would be sometime around now. 
bink & Maura took me in the car to K-Mart to buy a new air conditioner this afternoon. It's plenty hot, but it's a pleasant evening to open presents on the shady porch.

Penny Cooper does not like to wear anything but her plaid dress because, she says, it is entirely correct for her--(unlike how Red Hair Girl and Baby Potato change clothes).  She does like a masquerade, however, especially if she can dress up as a bear. 

*From an old post about Geminis:
"I know a lot of Geminis. I am a huge fan of them as defenders of the fact that great ideas need great vehicles.
Hence, they champion the importance of kitchen implements (the right pan for the right tart), liturgical correctness (no plastic on the altar, please), the little black dress (or its intellectual equivalent), and library catalogs."

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bink said...

Sweet! That bear is exactly the right size for Penny Cooper's dress-up ambitions.