Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A Friend for Red Hair Girl

Recently I learned that Red Hair Girl is part of a family of Madeline dolls. At first she was quite angry, feeling it meant she was not unique. Then she remembered that she's entirely unique, and, furthermore, that she would like a doll to come live with her. She is the only real doll here. (Kelvin the Cosmonaut is a squeak toy.)

I was hesitant, thinking she'd be jealous, but she insisted not, and of course I believe her. A couple days ago, I looked at the many Madeline dolls for sale on eBay and was overwhelmed: 

How to choose one?

This afternoon it seemed so obvious:
I would let Red Hair Girl choose. I said she could choose any one, no matter the price. (In the way of eBay, the prices range from $4 to $400.)

She narrowed it down to two.

RHG: "This doll ^ has a bounce in her step. She reminds me of me.
But there is already a me here. . . And she's being well cared for.
Maybe she would do better as an only doll."

"This doll ^ is standing stiffly in a gray cell.
I think she would like to come and live here instead."


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