Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Travel Planning

I know people who love planning travel itineraries. 
I was wishing I was going to be traveling to Texas with one of them––it's just me––but I'm so  pleased with myself for the travel plans I made this afternoon (and it did take all afternoon), I'm vaguely glad I set myself up to do this. 

What I discovered:
a pleasant round-trip flight schedule; that their light rail runs to their airport (as ours does, here); 

and an Airbnb for a couple nights that is $200 cheaper (per night!) than the "deal" the downtown hotels are giving conference attendees.
And temps are supposed to be in the 70s.

Even if the publisher were paying (they're not), I wouldn't want to stay in a big box hotel when I could stay here:

I'm not much of a sight-seer. Once I've spent a couple hours in a coffee shop watching people, I imagine myself sitting in this little porch doing bear repair. 


Anonymous said...

Darn blogger! I had a lovely comment all written out and somehow it didn't publish. So retrying!

Lovely B & B! I definitely would stay there instead of a hotel. Besides you can do stuff when you want to not when others do. Although sometimes the social interaction is fun.

Since the meeting is downtown-consider a jaunt over to Dealy Plaza and check out the grassy knoll. Very interesting to visit as you can actually see how small the area is. The photos to me always made it look very large.

I would recommend some fun restaurants having lived in that area for a long time but all the places I loved have become fancy places.


Fresca said...

Hi, Kirsten!
Thanks for the tip---you're right, I always imagined the plaza as a large public area---will have to check it out.
It looks like there's quite a lot to see in a walkable distance.

Eh, yeah--fancy schmancy... I prefer hole in the wall places, or coffee shops. I am excited to try Emporium Pies in the bishops art district where I'll be staying--their homemade coconut pie looks like just my sort of thing. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Fresca!

I lived in the DFW area from early 80's to 2002. Then the city was not as evolving into the modern stuff which is not my cup of tea.

I used to go to Deep Ellum when you worried as to whether your car would be there when you came out. The Video Bar was fun especially as a very narrow building with a large screen on the wall that showed videos. Nancy Sinatra's These Boots are Made for Walking was playing the first time I walked in. We also ordered drinks in bottles. A lot of musicians used to come to Deep Ellum when they were in town. Alas, they have modernized and the uniqueness is gone.

Bishop Arts District is one I haven't heard on but hope they are trying to conserve it.

You could also for a lark go to the Neiman Marcus store downtown which was the first store. When my family lived in Dallas in the 60's and selling our house, Mrs. Stanley Marcus came to look at it.

The State Fair of Texas has beautiful Art Deco buildings and you can see Big Tex.

Have a great time! You'll enjoy being warm......


Fresca said...

Hey, Kirsten:
Thanks for writing about Dallas history--interesting!
"These Boots are Made for Walking"--ha! Yeah!

So many places have lost their uniqueness and gone to national chains, or just places that all carry or cook the same sort of thing.

But Texas sure looks to be very different from Minnesota! :) I'm very curious to see that.