Wednesday, March 14, 2018

SNARP: Stuffed Animal Roadkill

Agents of SNARP [Stuffed Needy Animal Rescue Project] seem to have a special fondness for stuffed animals found on the road.

Warning: Images of dead-looking stuffed animal ahead.

Spoiler: It gets better!

Biking home on a busy street from downtown yesterday, I spotted a squashed squirrel that I was pretty sure was a stuffed animal.
Having seen enough run-over squirrels, I know they are... flatter:

I did a U-turn and spotted a cloth label on the squirrel, so I picked it up and was able to put to good use my new bike's handy back-rack mouse trap:
Squirrel was so crusted in road dirt and salt, this morning I used tongs to swish it around in Biz before I even unstuffed it. 
(Usually I unstuff toys first--less sodden.)
Look, eyes!
 Cutting open the back seam and pulling out stuffing,
on my back porch. 
There was a squeaker inside--it might have been a dog toy:
Another bath, and Squirrel is drying in the sun 
on the handle of a snow shovel:

I get the feeling Squirrel has already heard from the other toys 
that the run-over monkey was given a special jacket. . .

More to come!


Anonymous said...

this is an interesting situation because what has seemed to happen is a real bio squirrel was run over and - on the instant of death - transformed.

we can only imagine why but maybe it was this one squirrel's wish all along.

Fresca said...

Like the Doctor, transforms at death!

I admit I had not thought of it, but now you point it out, it seems indeed to be the case.

bink said...

That squirrel is going to be so happy with it's new life. Maybe like The Doctor, it's now younger and female.

bink said...

its not it's--first usage. I hate not being able to edit my commends.

Anonymous said...

What a great rescue of the squirrel! Love reading about their rescue. Agree with bink that the squirrel is going to be so happy with its new life!!

Doctor Who-the David Tennant ones are my favorites and I recently found out there is a Dalek version of Risk.


Fresca said...

BINK: I want to see an episode with the new woman Doctor (even though I'm not really a fan of the show).

THanks for the vote of confidence for the squirrel--ATK said he had some blue and gold fabric for a jacket...!

I'm glad you enjoy these rescue stories--another friend said they're encouraging, which is nice to hear--how I feel too.

David Tennant is my favorite too--probably the only time I really enjoyed that show. It probably doesn't sound like it on my blog, where I used to write a lot about fandom, but I'm not much of a TV watcher.