Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Send-Off for Black Bear

My auntie goes for an oncology consultation today.
She never asks me for anything, but she wondered, could I spare one of my bears for her?

Black Bear was excited to volunteer. 
He is one of my first thrifted bears--I got him in Duluth (you may remember) in 2015.

But first, he wanted me to sew a padded heart on his outside.
I think he wanted it to prove he has one, like the Tin Man--his time in the thrift store, much as he loved being with the other toys, left him doubting that some humans know he's an Alive Toy.

He's going to the post office this afternoon.
The other toys* gathered to say good-bye. 

Red Hair Girl is making a speech and presenting a traveling present-- a packet of almond butter. She climbed into my cupboard to get it. (Ever since she went to the Grand Canyon, she is more intrepid than ever, if that's even possible.)
Black Bear's suitcase is being held by Firefly. (He's temporarily stuffed with newspaper, waiting for spring to come so I can open the box of fly-away kapok stuffing outside on the porch and re-stuff him permanently). 

I let Black Bear choose anything he wanted in the apartment to take along.

He chose:

"What does a toy mean to you?" playing card collage; a star disc of thread; a bouquet of white roses to give to auntie; an extra heart and a pin to pin it on, just in case, and a scrap of star material;
pipe cleaners; a gold button; a quartz crystal, a nut and bolt set;
and a tiny piece of a meteorite (that little lump of iron--amazingly, you can buy these rocks from outer space at rock shops).
I get the feeling Black Bear sees himself as a cosmonaut.

I'm a tad bit sad to see Black Bear go, but after all, things come, and things go. 
This morning I found this photo of a bald eagle being released from rehab back into the wild.

Fly away, Black Bear! 
I'll see you again soon, when I go visit auntie in the spring. 

*Of course this is not all the toys---some sent representatives, being busy with other things I know not of.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet post for your aunt. The idea of the toys sending representatives is too precious. I am quite sure that Black Bear will bring her lots of joy and love.

The photo of the bald eagle being released is so awesome. The DC area has 2 cameras on a pair of bald eagles that are currently in the egg laying stage. Sometimes hard to watch but totally fascinating to see the parents and their offspring. The last two years have had sound and you have not lived until you hear baby eagles screaming for food.
Another camera is also available in the DC area:

Belated Happy Birthday!


gz said...

Safe journey Blackbear..and Aunt.

I saw a photo on fb today of a roadkill red deer stag which had been placed on a hillside for the birds..and a white tailed eagle was spanning it with its wings.

Fresca said...

KIRSTEN: Oh, cool! I checked the eagle cam and of course there are no babies yet---will check later.

I was so glad I'd got the bear in the mail, since the news later in the day wasn't good. A bear is a great emissary of love.

GZ: THanks for the good wishes. The span of these birds wings is something else: I've been looking at photos... wow!