Saturday, March 3, 2018

Hutch Mug

Hutch drinking from another stoneware mug (the other one, thank you, Mortmere, for both photos), 
and me with my coffee mug this morning (1970s, made in Japan)--Mortmere says, "That mug could easily sneak into the squad room and nobody could tell it wasn't there before. "


misterbagman said...

Hi, Fresca -

A propos your interest in Mssrs. Starsky & Hutch, I saw this piece come across the wires via BoingBoing today:

Thought you might enjoy.



Fresca said...

Thanks, Ian!
That was surprisingly interesting to me, someone who couldn't care less about cars.
I'm with the Boing Boing writer:
"As a kid I guess I always assumed these cars were fast and well handling. This video shows what lumbering, terrible beasts they were."

Also enjoyed hearing "Striped Tomato" (Starsky's car, the "to-may-to") pronounced with a British accent: to-mah-to.