Thursday, March 1, 2018

"Change Month"

Every so often I buy some vintage thing to resell that I like so much, I end up keeping it myself––for instance, this Canadian Mountie perpetual calendar. 
The physical act of flipping the round part to change the date helps me take note of what day it is (something easy to lose track of when you don't go to a workplace every weekday)--and it even gives you prompts.

Happy March!
(I wound the pink string around the loose knobs to keep them tight.)


Anonymous said...

Ah, yes the old buying a vintage thing to resell and you end up keeping yourself. Myself, I have been there, too!!! I am going through my apartment right now and selecting stuff that the attachment has worn off of. Although the thought of listing and keeping track of everything and photos is a little worrisome.

Love the Canadian perpetual calendar especially having visited Banff years ago!! I would have kept it, too.


Fresca said...

KIRSTEN: That's funny you've been to Banff---after I got this, I decided one day I will go there!

I do that too--save stuff, but then after a while the charm wears off and I can pass it on. But some things are keepers--I wonder if this will be one of them. I won't know until years have passed. :)