Tuesday, February 13, 2018

My Favorite Fish for Madri Gras

My brain––addled by two strong Old Fashioneds for Mardi Gras––
is trying to connect the dots of Jesus as a [vintage rubber squeaky toy] fish, 
and Jesus going into the desert for forty days––
and failing.

(You'd think bourbon would help, but guess not.
Maybe sometimes things just don't line up? This is hard for me to accept.)

It just seems like a bad idea. Don't put the fish in the desert!
(OK--there's a connection.)

Stopping now.
I'll just share this photo of the rubber fish I had in mind >
a vintage toy I posted today on eBay that I like so much, I almost hope it won't sell. 

I priced it high, but I've found that is no protection---people do buy the coolest things, even if they cost a lot.*

I believe she is modeled on "Cleo", the goldfish in Disney's Pinocchio (1940), and possibly has no connection whatsoever with Jesus. (Though wait, obviously Pinocchio is a Christ figure, who gives his life for his friends.)

 Maybe she looks obnoxiously cute or repulsively old in the photo?
But, really, in person she's sneakily adorable.

She's from the 1960s, I believe:
fifty-year-old rubber, but amazingly she's still soft and pliable, and makes the most adorable deep-toned noise when squeezed.

OK, I'm stopping HERE: [here].)

Happy Fat Tuesday! 

*Next day: The toy sold this morning. Swim away, little fishie!


bink said...

Hmm...Jesus in the desert...as a fish... well, the only thing I can think of someone drawing a fish in the sand because I saw some old evangelical movie that portrayed early Christians as drawing fish in the sand where it could be easily erased in case of prying Roman eyes. But I actually think that was on a sandy beach...not a desert...so nope! No Jesus, fish, desert connection here.

But do you remember that after the resurrection Jesus appears to the disciples, after a night of fishing, and greets them on shore with a breakfast of cooked fish? And of course, there is the loaves and fishes, and the fishing catch being so huge it breaks the nets. Jesus just likes to give people plenty of fish. Even the rubber squeaky kind, is my guess.

Fresca said...

Yes, it's a fishy story! :)