Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Home again...


But, before I go to sleep, I want to post this photo I took of a mural in Las Vegas, where I otherwise saw almost NO creativity of the "let's make a lopsided bear" type, only of the "let's make a billion dollars" type.

I couldn't blog when I was in LV because google wouldn't let me sign in from this unrecognized location (and I'd screwed up my back-up identification... long story...).

"Be a Maker! Not a Taker!" 

And now I must go to bed.
More soon.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic sign! I love the blue window right in the middle.

I attended a meeting a few years ago in LV. Could not wait to leave! Definitely a "taker" of money. Our meeting was held in the Bellagio which is probably the best of the hotels which I realized after walking into some of the others.


Fresca said...

Hi, Kirsten! Thanks for commenting.
My friend bink went into the Bellagio and said it was different-- not frenzied like most of the Strip.

I was so happy to leave Las Vegas.