Sunday, February 18, 2018

"Brandish that raspberry!"

Have you seen that some concerned parents are concerned about a scene in the new Peter Rabbit movie when rabbits attack a man with blackberries, knowing he is allergic to them?
"Allergy bullying is not funny," concerned parties say.

I can see if your child was likely to die from allergies, that is a terrible thing to live with, and you'd be extra sensitive. 
But from the outside, I wonder if the concern is a wee bit overblown, or possibly misplaced?
I haven't seen the movie, but as I remember from the book, the man in Peter Rabbit was going to shoot Peter and EAT him. 

Seems to me this scene could be a political allegory... 
The children say, STOP SHOOTING US.
What I really thought of, however, wasn't Beatrix Potter's books but Monty Python's sketch, "Self-Defense Against Fresh Fruit" (1969)--especially the bit around 3:30, re the raspberry. (I think the tactics would work against any small berry.)

"Brandish that raspberry--be as vicious as you like with it!"

I began watching MP soon after it first aired in the United States in 1974. 
High-school pals and I used to go around saying,
"Come at me with a raspberry!"

I suppose most parents of small children today wouldn't know this skit. 
Did the filmmakers? 
You'd hope so....


ArtSparker said...

Outrage is hot, Sense of humor is not.

Fresca said...

You are so right--policing and calling out one another is the mood of the day.
The good side is, one hopes, a heightened concern for other people's feelings? Maybe? One hopes...?