Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Back to Bears

"Makers and Finders" =  the name of a coffee shop off the Strip in Las Vegas where I felt like a real person for a few hours. 
(On the Strip I felt more like a dried cuttlefish.) 

I've been deeply into being a Finder the past couple months. It's been fun and fascinating to hunt for, research, and photograph and list things on eBay. 

I went to a whole slew of antique/junk stores in LV this past weekend, and I found I knew a lot about many of the things––their history, their material, their use––which wouldn't have been the case three months ago.
That was neat.

But eBay was just starting to feel like a time suck--and I more like a Taker than a Maker. That's a bad deal.

After going to the Grand Canyon, which is a real mind-clearer, I came home and cleared the clutter.
I took down almost all my listings (except the few with a big profit margin--those are worth seeing through). 
Enough of that, for now.

I also came home to this bunch of worn Yellowstone bears I'd bought on eBay to restore. 

Up next: reMaking them. 

But first, a hot bath and a nap---emotional transitions are exhausting.


ArtSparker said...

The only things I have listed on Etsy now are things I have made or remade.But etsy is a whole different deal than Ebay.

Fresca said...

Hi, Sparker!
I've wondered about Etsy. But I like the rough and tumble of eBay---more like a flea market.