Wednesday, January 31, 2018

My New Fridge Magnet

Truly, it has been a day of plenty. Not only did I find at the thrift store The Report on the Impeachment of Richard M. Nixon
but later in the afternoon the mail carrier delivered the Starsky & Hutch magnet I'd bought on eBay ($5, including shipping).
And then I went out for veggie burgers with L&M.  

Now--not happy, but very good--I'm going to finish reading A Rumor of War, Philip Caputo's memoir of being a Marine in the early days of US intervention in Vietnam.  

Caputo conveys better than anyone I've read the boredom and depression of the war--partly because he writes in a rather flat tone, which is a little enervating in itself. He also conveys without sentimentality how much soldiers love one another. 

Besides going into the field, he was in charge of filling out forms describing in detail how soldiers had died, using military euphemisms such as "traumatic amputation".
He says in his introduction that the book is not  a protest because he doesn't think it will change anything, which is the intent of protest. The four decades since have proven him right.

Hm... this started out a happy post. Oh well. It's both.

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