Friday, January 26, 2018

Fix-It Fabric

I liked and learned a lot in Quilting Fundamentals class yesterday,
making a quilt piece out of the Land o' Lakes alfalfa seed sack that I'd felt iffy about (with its sanitized Indian servant "butter maiden"), 
even though in the end I didn't like the piece itself.

I started to pull it apart to remake it...
 But decided I'm never going to like such a blocky square format.

Instead, I'm working on re-making this black velvet painting, below. 
Matadors in their suits of light are surely some of the most beautiful humans ever. So when I saw a matador in gold and pink at the Thrift Store for $2.99, I snatched it up. 

Then got home and thought [again], WHAT am I going to do with this

I'm not sure bullfighting's worse than other sports.
(American football? Barbaric, in all directions.
My city is hosting the Superbowl next month, for instance,
 and social services here are working to provide safe places for the tide of sex-trafficked children who they know will to be brought in to service the players and fans...)

But that's beside the point.
My stuffed animals were scowling! They did not like having a wounded bull around.
So... this afternoon I am working on fixing that up.


Bink said...

Looking great! Love the new animal additions!

Fresca said...

Thanks bink! I haven't firmly attached the animals---I really think a little dog at the matador's heels would fit better (though the duckling makes me smile).