Thursday, December 21, 2017

Stuffed Yellowstone Bear Cub, BEFORE & AFTER

The eBay seller posted this photo of a traumatized stuffed bear cub (sold at Yellowstone in the 60s). 
And someone bought it...

Me. I bought this squashed & torn toy, with its wood-shaving stuffing coming out. Despite damage, it held up to being repaired, instead of disintegrating. 
(One word. Plastics.)
Yellowstone, in process-- ear repair and reattachment:

Yellowstone AFTER:
The weight of the cub's plastic nose caused it to fall forward (since I replaced its wood innards with polyester fluff).
To weigh it down, I gave it metallic back paw-pads. 
Now it's prancing.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!! That bear is adorable. You certainly have a gift.
Love, Boini

Anonymous said...

HAPPIFY: I keep looking back at this because I love what you've done and it makes me happy to see how much happier that bear is! 😍