Wednesday, December 20, 2017

My eBay Animals

No surprise, but, without my conscious intent, many of the things I list for sale on eBay feature animals.
Here's a selection.

 ABOVE: one of my favorite finds---a bronco on a mini cup, a souvenir of Montana, made in Japan (1950s-69s). The image is not much bigger than a US quarter.

ABOVE: Paint-by-number "Goldilocks and the Three Bears", set manufactured by Craft Master in 1965. 
The bears look so odd--it's like Willy Loman married Caroline "Ma" Ingalls and they became parents to an Opie Taylor. And she's pregnant again.

ABOVE: Papier-mâché turtle, with lift-off shell, handmade in Kashmir, India, where such painted boxes have been made from recycled paper for centuries. (Kashmir is also where the British found the designs they exported to the textile mills of Paisely, Scotland.) [This sold as soon as I posted it.]

ABOVE: Is that a shih-tzu? A pekinese? Prints of paintings by Huldah (American, 1901-2001) were everywhere in the 1950s-60s.

ABOVE: The light somewhat obscures it––I hate photographing shiny things––but a terrific red dragon perches above Diana & Charles on a mini-plate commemorating the royal wedding in July 1981.


bink said...

My mother would say that's not a pekinese...and I would concur.

Frex said...

Thanks--I wasn't sure, but now I do think it's a shih-tzu.