Saturday, December 30, 2017

It's cold.

We're at 11 degrees below zero here, and I am baking shepherd's pie, using up the potatoes leftover from Xmas Eve's pot roast. 
This weather would definitely kill you pretty quickly, but to think people live where Fahrenheit and Celsius meet, at 40 below...

1964, Photo by Gennady Koposov, Russia
"A composite image of a baby and a funeral procession of a reindeer shepherd at 55 degrees below zero in the northern tundra of Evenkia, in what was then the Soviet Union."
--via the collection of World Press Photo


Michael Leddy said...

It’s 5° here and feels like -2°. This is what the Internet tells me — the one and only time I was outside today was to walk to the garage this morning and use the elliptical machine. Tomorrow’s range is supposed to be between 9° and -8°. Two-digit temperatures, please! (Positive not negative.)

Fresca said...

I have hardly stepped out of the house either.
We need that baby's wraps!

gz said...

what human beings can get used to...with the right clothes of course