Sunday, December 24, 2017

Flying Monkey Returns to the Wild

Remember the stuffed monkey toy I picked up in the alley wet, dirty, and run over by a car?

Just now this Christmas-Eve afternoon I put it up, wearing the jacket I made for it, on a telephone pole at the end of the alley, with a sign explaining I'd taken it home and cleaned it up.

                  FLYING MONKEY NEEDS A HOME.


deanna said...

Merry Christmas, Francesca! Your refurbished monkey looks so good and should make somebody happy. May your holidays truly shine with love and creativity.

gz said...

Happy Christmas..hope the monkey flies to a good home xx

The Crow said...

I hope FM has been adopted by this afternoon. I hate to think of him being alone on Christmas, not for religious reasons (such feelings are deeply personal and vary one from another), but companionship, the compassion and merriment of others who would be glad for his company.

I hope at least one of his adopters will appreciate the high fashion of his colorful coat!

Happy days ahead for all, so I wish.

Fresca said...

Hi, everyone:
Here's the thing: it's been below zero F here the past couple days and I haven't wanted to walk even the one block to that telephone pole to see if Monkey has gone.
Will report when it warms up!

Frex said...

Yep, Monkey is gone today!

The Crow said...

I hope you won't suffer any empty-nest-syndrome blues, but I feel like cheering. Hooray for your rescue, repair and loving release of dear Flying Monkey!

Fresca said...

CROW: You're right, I did suffer a pang of loss, but nowhere near as big as my happiness that Monkey is off on a new adventure.