Friday, December 22, 2017

Fandom & Fondue

OHMYGOD! My book! It's finally finally here!
I'd half-forgotten about this book, which I started writing TWO years ago. By the time I turned the final edit in this May, I felt disgusted with it---a feeling familiar to many writers, I think.
But enough time has passed that I'm excited to read it, which I would do right now but I'm in the middle of chopping up cheese for fondue I'm taking to a dinner party in half an hour.
The book is something of a melty swirl through fandom and fan arts, come to think of it.

So I'll just leave it here with a mini-review, one of the first, by a librarian blogger.


Michael Leddy said...

A long time coming. Congrats, Fresca!

Frex said...

MICHAEL: If only I'd been able to include LASSIE fic!!!

deanna said...

Congratulations!!! On the book and the good review. I'm glad it has come out when you're nicely ready to read it again. Looks like a wonderful gift, and I hope people are taking advantage of it.