Thursday, November 9, 2017

Repair Artist: Celia Pym

Looking for more visible-menders, I came across Celia Pym––(her website; her Instagram)––her darns make me almost hyperventilate with envy: Sweater mended, below, for 94 y.o. retired GP Bill, knit by his late wife:
And bear repair ^ (like my Stuffed Needy Animal Rescue Project)--I like the "before" sling too.

Celia Pym says:
"I darn and am looking for holes in people’s clothes and the stories that accompany them; repairing these holes and returning the mended garments. It is a way to briefly make contact with strangers. I am interested in the spaces the body occupies, the tenderness of touch and the ways in which we go about day to day life".

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