Sunday, November 12, 2017

Mending Round-Up: "Who Made My Clothes?"

Sarah Corbett, founder of Craftivist Collective and the School of Gentle Protest, "changing our world one stitch at a time," interviews Orsola De Castroof––fashion designer and co-founder of Fashion Revolution, which asks, "Who made my clothes?"

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The Crow said...

What a great idea! I always liked finding slips of paper with makers' names on them: loved the feeling someone I know knew by name had made my clothes...or shoes, as in one case.

Fresca said...

The yarn I'm using to darn the blanket came with a tag signed by the Uruguayan woman who'd made it--I love that!

bink said...

I saw this on FB. Love it...makes it real. I'm glad a worked a couple weeks in a suit factory (back when clothes were made in America). It really gave me a feel for what goes into sewing clothes on a massive scale. And the fiber dust everywhere...that can't be good for anyone's lungs. We definitely should honor and appreciate our clothes makers more.