Friday, November 10, 2017

In the Slipstream of Time

My father, Paris, 1968, photo taken by my mother


The Crow said...

This is a good photo! The intimacy of the scene - the dressing gown, the bare feet hanging from the end of pyjama legs, the tousled hair, the newspaper, him sipping from the large breakfast 'bowl', the shadowed interior lit here and there by early morning sun - draws me in, makes me feel like the uninvited observer, the voyeur out of time, that I am.

Photographs capture so much more than we notice through the viewfinder, don't they? I appreciate your sharing this with the rest of us. I hope you won't mind that I saved this to my photo files. It depicts a near cinematic splinter of a time long past, in a world long gone. I feel deeply nostalgic for something I'll never know.

Frex said...

CROW: That's actually close to what I feel too, even though I know (knew) the person, the photo feels yes--exactly--like a "cinematic splinter"--
in fact, my sister sent this to me, and I asked her,
"Is this a still from a home movie?"
(my parents did have a super 8 camera with them),
but no, it's a photo.

You are an INVITED observer---a welcome "voyeur"---
as I posted this photo, I was thinking,
This is how my father wanted [used to want[ to appear, to be seen, and I'm sure it's how he would be pleased to be remembered.

Thank you for seeing, and for commenting.