Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Oh, I'm so excited---I had no idea this beautiful-looking kids' biography of Leonard Nimoy existed, though it's been out for a year (2016): Fascinating: The Life of Leonard Nimoy, by Richard Michelson, illustrated by Edel Rodriguez.

I'm using this as my destination-bike–ride of the day: I'm going to bike to the library by the Mississippi River that has this book on its shelves.
From the cover flap:
"Leonard knew what it felt like to be an alien. 

...His parents were [Russian Jewish] immigrants who felt like aliens in America, and certainly didn't understand Leonard's drive to perform. 'Learn to play the accordion,' his father told him. 'Actors starve, but at least musicians can eke out a living.'
But Leonard reached for the stars... and caught them."


bink said...

That looks great! Sorry I couldn't bike along with you (though what a windy day to be biking!)

Fresca said...

Truth be told, it was too windy, so I took the bus to the downtown library---but, yeah, the book is good!