Sunday, August 13, 2017


On June 12, I got hired at the thrift store; 
on July 12, my father died; 
and on August 12, yesterday, I quit.

Freedom! Happy little honey-bee waggle dance!
The whole two months was great timing:
at first, the job was a hand-up out of the slump I was in after writing Fandom; then it was the perfect full-of-people-but-impersonal setting to go back to after Death;
and then... the corporation is so restrictive, and the culture so compliant, it got crushingly boring. 

Example of boring corporate climate: 
I was excited to hear the staff is encouraged to dress up during October for Halloween. (You get "boo bucks" to spend at the store--otherwise staff gets no discounts on purchases. Goodwill sucks as an employer.) I could work up some cosplay ideas, I thought.
But no. 

Each week is assigned a theme, such as Zombies or Sports, and your costume must fit the theme. As one of my coworkers said, "It used to be fun, but they made it stupid."
The job got me moving again, and that was great. 
But even though I am stronger now, working at a counter for three days in a row, like I did this past week, left me foot-sore, not invigorated: 
I wouldn't come home and sew, I'd come home and sleep.

So--overall, I'm glad I did the job--it was fun at first!––and glad I left before I got resentful. 
(Thanks, bink, for helping me see the danger was staying too long, not being a "flake" for quitting!)

I won't miss the work.
But I liked most of my coworkers, some of them a lot, and I'll miss working with them. That connection doesn't translate outside of work. I was pleased (touched, in fact) that a few said I should come hang out after I'm gone, but that means partying, which isn't my thing.

And now? Not sure... I feel happy for me and my life, and August has always been a good month for me.
Back to the road again.

L to R: Me, Alice, Clare, and bink on Camino, summer 2001

P.S. I worked two months at GW without hearing my coworkers say the name of the US president even once or mention any politics at all. I'm not exaggerating.

I can't help noticing stuff's kept getting weirder, however, so I want to say here & now that if I/we go up in a puff of smoke or get mowed down or something, it's been a real pleasure knowing you all! 


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, you're a bit overqualified for goodwill. Why hasn't the universe delivered to your doorstep exactly the right job: where it's interesting & you can move your body but also use your excellent mind, AND pays a living wage, and has bosses who respect you value your input, etc.....

Laura B.

Fresca said...

Thanks, Laura, I like that job description!