Saturday, July 8, 2017

P.S. mushrooms & goddesses

I went looking for mushrooms in art. There are plenty.
ABOVE: Fragment of a Greek funerary stele, c. 470-460 BCE, possibly Persephone and her mother Demeter holding mushrooms

Its meaning is unknown, but I like it: Wikiepeida article on this stele, image at the Louvre Museum, who say they're holding possibly poppies, pomegranates, or sacks of grain? They sure look more like mushrooms to me.


Geo-B said...

They kind of open and close the new movie "The Beguiled."

Frex said...

Mushrooms, or Demeter & Persephone?

Geo-B said...

The former.

Anonymous said...

Mushrooms quite definetly. I have some pottery mushrooms. Middle son broke one and insisted on making one at school when he had the chance to replace it. Guess which one I treasure most now?

Fresca said...

GEO-B: :)

CATHY: Aw... maybe one day post a photo of the treasured Replacement Mushroom?