Tuesday, June 6, 2017

LOL. I blogged (ponderously) about the transmission of feminism this morning, and bink sent me this ...um, "example" from the Onion
Thanks for the levity!
"Trump Voter Feels Betrayed By President After Reading 800 Pages Of Queer Feminist Theory" (2 minutes)


Michael Leddy said...

This captures for me some of the doubts I had when participating in our local version of the Women’s March in January. Several speakers addressed the crowd using the language of “critique” and “theory,” and I kept wondering how such language might persuade anyone who isn’t already on the inside of that world.

Fresca said...

Language is such a trickster.
A young person told me more speakers at the Women's March that y.p. had attended should have talked about "intersectionality".

I would guess the speakers had talked about it, but hadn't used that one code word. They might, for instance, have said something unrecognizable (or unacceptable), such as, "this affects all of us--and some more than others".

P.S. I remember being such an impassioned y.p. myself who was sure she had it all figured out and we'd all be drinking Burgundy forever.

Frex said...

P.P.S. this video quotes Judith Butler--I'd quoted her on this blog once--a much less dense thicket though~

"Whether one wants to be free to live out a 'hard-wired' sense of sex or a more fluid sense of gender is less important than the right to be free to live it out, without discrimination, harassment, injury, pathologization or criminalization – and with full institutional and community support.
That is most important in my view."

That's my view too.
(Though I'm not sure what "full support" consists of--I have some concerns about the medical side of it--is it being a little medically reckless to set kids up to need lifelong hormones?)