Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Is that a salad spinner, Starsky?

My No.-1-Starsky-Hutch fan friend, Mortmere, sent me this screencap. 

I have no idea what's going on, but it looks like Starsky & Hutch are in a thrift store. (One that carries dead bodies?)
I can't tell what Starky's holding---a handheld mixer and bowl? Looks like he's considering that outdoor grill...

I'd love to find an amateur painting that looks like Starsky, like the one above the TV here. I did find a pair of Adidas like his--the brand is releasing retro styles--but, alas, they were pink.

I haven't bought much at my new job so far---I'm not too tempted by the mostly normal things they carry--not like when I volunteered sorting donations at SP, when I was always bringing home things like the contents of old sewing baskets, with thread nests and stubs of chalk, and one button inside a small envelope with "tan raincoat, 1979" penciled on it (I still have it).
Naturally the donation sorters at my new place don't have time for stuff like that and just throw it out. 

I did get this little ant-eater for 49¢. After last year's Year of Living Fannishly, I seem to be having a Year of Little Animals.


Michael Leddy said...

Gotta be a mixer and bowl, and some sort of surface to stand the bowl on. I notice esp. the trapezoid-ish shape of what I assume is a mixer. The cord, too.

Are you aiming for a Little Animal Lending Library? :)

Fresca said...

Oh, yeah--when you mention the shape, I can see it's clearly a mixer!
Funny, I couldn't resolve the angle...

I loved the photos of the Animal Lending Library you posted---a Little Animal Lending Library---there's an idea. :)

D2 Bet said...

Are you aiming for a Little Animal Lending Library? :)

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