Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fashion & Flex

Flexible, I

I'm not into fashion at all, and I'm actually glad my job provides its workers with shirts (thrift can be grungy), but maybe I could jazz it up a little? Inject a little fun?
A hat??? 
Inspiration: 65-year-old Tziporah Salamon cycling around New York City, from the Advanced Style documentary:
I've got good shoes for standing up, luckily--that was the most important thing when I volunteered in thrift.

I'm looking into exercise tips for my new job, working standing up as a cashier. It's part-time, but I remember it was pretty tiring, so I want to remember to stretch & stuff.

Found an article "Do you work on your feet all day?" that suggests these leg exercises:
1. knee flexes (just bend knee to raise foot behind you toward butt--don't pull your foot up!)

2. hip circles, like doing a hula hoop, but do a figure-8
3. hack-sack kicks: imagine you're kicking a ball with your instep, to stretch your glutes)
4. static calf and hamstring stretches--hold the position for a few seconds

Flexible, II

All of a sudden, I'm busy! I didn't expect this to happen so fast, but
that can be the best time to get things done.

My auntie requested a shoulder bag to carry her iPhone, so I'm planning on sewing up a few bags using bits of vintage fabric (from the former thrift store) into bags just big enough for a paperback book, cell phone, wallet, sunglasses.

I actually carry such bags myself. 

Funny story:
The other night Marz took a free bus to a casino to see Willy Nelson.

People not infrequently think tall, slim, baseball cap and jeans–wearing Marz is a young man. The bus driver addressed her as sir and told her she couldn't bring her small shoulder bag onto the bus---it had to go in the baggage compartment below.

Marz expressed bafflement, since her bag only contained a paperback copy of Letters to Star Trek, and the driver realized she was a woman.
"Oh, sorry, ma'am," the driver said. "That's your purse! You can bring that on."

OK, then.

So, now I'm off to the fabric store to buy "woven fusible interfacing":
material you iron onto fabric to strengthen and stiffen it, yet remain flexible.

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