Friday, May 5, 2017

"Even burned and cracked, they're beautiful."

My sister asked me, this past week, to help her choose a gift for one of women who is helping care for our father. All my sister knew is that this woman loves the original Mr. Spock (like I do, which is why she asked me), and she's into crystals.

It's like that game where you have to make dinner out of the contents of your fridge: You have three eggs, salad dressing, a wrinkled apple, and half a bottle of green olives. Go!
And, sometimes it works great.
Like in this case. 

Star Trek has one famous crystal, which any Trekkie would know:
the star ship is fueled by dilithium crystals. Since dilithium doesn't actually exist, a person looking to buy a gift has a lot of latitude. 

In googling around, I found this fabulous piece of information:
in the episode "Mudd's Women" (one of the worst), Mr. Spock holds burned-out dilithium crystal with a hairline crack, and he says,
burned and cracked, they're beautiful."

And, you can see, ^ it's noted that the prop crystal was smoky quartz, which you can buy it in any rock shop for anywhere from one to a thousand dollars.

Turns out smoky quartz is supposed to be "excellent for elevating moods, overcoming negative emotions, and relieving depression, and enhancing and encouraging courage and inner strength," which those of us who feel a bit burned and cracked ourselves might could use. 
I'm going to the rock shop right now.


ArtSparker said...

Consider geodes, a seven year old recently told me about one he has "It's only ugly on the outside".

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